The term ageism is a socially constructed way of thinking about older people based on negative attitudes and stereotypes about aging. It can often ignore the needs this demographic has and the valued contributions they can make. In this webinar, we will look at ways of challenging age bias in the workplace.

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Conversations around diversity and inclusion can create some discomfort and guilt for those who don’t identify as “diverse”, especially with respect to the notion of privilege. This webinar will explore strategies and tools that can be used to contextualize the notion of “privilege” and its historic and systemic origin, while managing and acknowledging individual feelings and experiences.

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Caring for someone – be it a child or a senior – is a huge responsibility that many employees carry in addition to their professional workload, and can have a huge impact on their ability to bring their full self to work. Is your workplace supportive for those with care giving responsibilities? Join us to discuss best practices to ensure your employees are able to operate at their best while …

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Organizational commitment to meritocracy does not always lead to equitable and fair workplaces. This webinar will challenge the myth of meritocracy and discuss how organizations can reflect on their own practices to support hiring based on merit, through a diversity and inclusion lens.

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This webinar introduces the concept of cultural competence, and provides strategies to help participants increase their self-awareness and awareness of other cultures, and will share ideas on what workplaces can do to increase cultural competence for more inclusive and productive workplaces.

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