How can you tell if your diversity and inclusion efforts have been successful? Obviously, you measure. But what you measure and how you measure are just as important as the results. This webinar will explore promising practices in the area of measurement of diversity and inclusion initiatives.

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Whether in response to an employee complaint or allegation, to improve employee relations, or to reduce potential exposure, most employers, will, at some point, need to conduct a workplace investigation. Knowing how to handle and analyze an investigation efficiently and effectively is critical to giving an employer the factual findings on which it may take appropriate action and addressing …

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Intersectionality recognizes the overlapping experiences that creates a person’s lived experience. Recognizing the interconnected aspects of a person’s experience and identity that may create barriers for them in the workplace is essential the continued development of your D& I practice.

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It can be easy in estate planning to overlook important considerations in unfamiliar practice areas, including family law. However, if wills and other estate planning documents aren’t drafted with family law factors in mind, trustees and beneficiaries may find themselves facing additional legal headaches down the road. This program explores six basic family law considerations every lawyer should …

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