Think you’ll never have a case that attracts media attention? Think again! Interest by modern media publishers in legal matters extends far beyond criminal and regulatory prosecutions. Today’s lawyers are contacted by reporters about workplace investigations, unusual family and estates litigation, consumer complaints, real estate and zoning matters, landlord and tenant disputes, and more. …

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Pretrial is over and your case didn’t settle. Now what? Most everything we do as lawyers can be reduced to a series of steps that not only help us achieve our goals, but also avoid oversights along the way. This exciting new short course will provide an overview of key tasks for counsel to perform when preparing for trial. Experienced litigator Michael Lesage will walk you through the process of …

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ERAssure® is proud to support you in your continuing professional development. In these user-friendly online sessions, you will learn how ERAssure protects the interests of both your legal team and the executor clients you serve.

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Too much to do and not enough time to do it? Good organization and time management skills are crucial elements of a successful and satisfying legal career, and also critical skills required to meet important ethical and professional obligations. If your typical work day consists of jumping from one “almost overdue” project to another, then it’s time to learn some proven time management techniques.

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