The federal government recently introduced the Digital Charter Implementation Act, 2020, which contains the most ambitious changes to Canada's privacy law in decades. In Ontario, the provincial government has taken steps toward creating a private sector privacy statute.

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At some point or another, even non-criminal lawyers are likely to receive a phone call from a client (or friend or relative) who has been arrested, or who has a family member who has been arrested. “What should I do?” they will ask. What you say, and what happens in the next few minutes and hours - whether dealing with a minor or serious matter - can have a profound impact on your client’s future.

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No time for a full day estate planning institute? No problem! Stay on top of current developments in estates, trusts, and capacity law with this convenient, 90 minute practice-oriented update! Experienced trusts and estates practitioners Gillian Fournie and Joanna Lindenberg will address key legal decisions from the past year, preview cases to watch in 2021, and discuss how COVID-19 and other …

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Registration is open until noon of the Friday before the Online Land Registration Act training program commences. Cost for this program is $650 plus HST. Registrants have the first two weeks to review the materials and the final week to complete the assessment.

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