• Society leadership for 2015-2016

    The Society’s executive officers for 2014-2015 are President Jill Perry (centre), First Vice-President R. Daren Baxter QC, TEP (at right) and Second Vice-President Julia Cornish QC (at left). Find out more about Council at nsbs.org/about_us/council.  

  • #TalkJustice: What does justice mean to you?

    The Society is hosting a community discussion on #A2J in #NovaScotia – hear the voices at talkjustice.ca. Add yours at talkjustice@nsbs.org, and help the conversation grow on social media by using the hashtag #TalkJustice. Read more about the project. Read the #TalkJustice report

  • The Nova Scotia Barristers' Society is the public interest regulator of the legal profession

    The Society sets and maintains standards for the credentialing and admissions of those who seek to practise law in Nova Scotia, ensures professional responsibility through its regulation, and works to enhance access to justice for all Nova Scotians. (At left: Bar Admission Ceremony 2015, Pier 21)

  • NSBS BLOG: In the Public Interest

    It’s a term we use all the time in relation to the Society’s mandate. It’s at the core of all we do in regulating the legal profession. But what does it mean exactly? Through our blog, In the Public Interest, we aim to show how the Society’s work is making a difference to Nova Scotians.

  • Enhancing access to legal services and the justice system

    Under the 2013-2016 Strategic Framework, it’s a priority to enhance access to legal services and the justice system for all Nova Scotians. The Society aims to examine and approve regulatory changes to enhance access, and advocate for enhanced access for equity-seeking and economically disadvantaged groups. Find out more in the new Equity & access section of the website at nsbs.org/equity-access.  

  • Transforming regulation and governance in the public interest

    Council created an ambitious Strategic Framework to guide the Society’s activities from 2013 to 2016. A main priority is to establish an outcomes-focused regulatory model, to ensure regulation of Nova Scotia’s legal profession is keeping pace with the rapidly evolving global landscape of legal services. For details on how it's shaping up so far, see nsbs.org/legal-services-regulation

  • The Society Record

    Restorative justice is in the Society Record spotlight. The new edition includes content on RJ efforts across Nova Scotia, restorative approaches in schools and administrative agencies, Mi’kmaw family group conferencing, the Seventh Step Society and the restorative inquiry into past abuses at the NS Home for Colored Children.   

  • Search for a lawyer

    Use the Society’s member directory to look up lawyers by name, firm or location. The Lawyer Search link is at the top right of the homepage, beside Careers and Contact Us

  • CPD Requirement

    All practising lawyers are required to complete 12 hours of continuing professional development annually. See NSBS CPD Requirement and the CPD Handbook for details.

  • Library Discovery Catalogue

    Use the Barristers’ Library Discovery Catalogue to find texts, law reporters, legislation, precedents and other resources in barristers’ libraries, and NS CPD papers in full-text online.

  • NSBS statistics

    Find current statistics for Nova Scotia’s legal profession in the Society's Statistical Snapshot, updated annually.