Legal Research and Writing (LRW) Assessor

The Legal Research and Writing (LRW) course was developed to help aspiring Canadian lawyers develop fundamental skills in legal research and writing in preparation for entry into their Bar Admission Program.
The National Committee of Accreditation (NCA) amended their NCA Assessment policy to reflect as of January 1, 2022, NCA applicants will be required to complete the LRW course or complete a course in legal research and writing through an approved Canadian law school program to demonstrate basic competence in legal research and writing as part of their accreditation requirements.
CPLED’s LRW course provides NCA applicants with an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge about legal research and writing through its online modules and develop their legal research and writing skills by completing assignments and receiving feedback. The combination of the acquisition of knowledge and experiential learning in the LRW course will set students up to reach a level of competency in legal research and writing, better preparing them for entry into a Bar admission program in Canada.
This course is offered six times per year.
Course Overview The LRW course is an eight-week online course that consists of: 1.Two online modules:•Legal Research, Fact Gathering and Case Management•Written Communications Skills: Legal Writing2.Four assignments (two research and two writing assignments)Students must pass a multiple-choice quiz at the end of each online module and the last two written assignments to successfully complete the course. The course is completed online through the Desire2Learn (D2L) platform. Assessor Responsibilities Assessors will use an online competency-based rubric to assess student assignments. They will also be required to provide developmental feedback to students identifying opportunities for improvement and highlighting areas where they performed well.
Qualifications and Skills
•Practising lawyer in Canada with a minimum of five years of experience and is in goodstanding with their law society.
•Experience assessing/marking Legal Research, Legal Writing, or Internationally trainedstudents is considered an asset.
•Experience using D2L is considered an asset.
Time Commitment and Honorarium
•LRW Assessors must commit to assessing five to ten students for five weeks per LRWoffering. Assessments will be completed during weeks four, five, and eight of the course.
700, 333 – 11th Avenue SW
Calgary, Alberta T2R 1L9
It is estimated that it will take a total of two to four hours to assess the four assignments per student.
•LRW Assessors will receive an honorarium of $150 per student.
Training CPLED will train Assessors on the assessment rubrics and feedback requirements including the provision of constructive feedback. As part of the training, Assessors will assess sample assignments, which will be benchmarked to ensure consistency. CPLED uses an online plagiarism program to detect potential breaches of academic integrity. LRW Assessors will be required to attend a one-hour virtual orientation session as well as a one-hour virtual calibration session before assessing any students. Please note the training and calibration session will not be compensated but are a requirement for the position. CPLED will also offer optional one-on-one tech sessions in D2L for Assessors. These sessions will not be lengthy but will offer additional support to Assessors who may be new or unfamiliar with D2L. Technology Requirements Access to a computer with a reliable high-speed internet connection. Interested applicants should apply on the CPLED website.

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Job Deadline/Expiry Date: 04/30/2022