Privilege: a Litigator’s Guide

One of your obligations as a litigator is to protect and preserve client privilege. Yet, privilege can be lost under a variety of circumstances. Do you know how to maintain privilege when communicating with your client over electronic media? What about expert reports? Are communications with and documents prepared by non-lawyers protected by privilege? This program will bring you up-to-speed.

You Will:
Enhance your understanding of solicitor-client privilege
Learn how to navigate litigation privilege
Understand when to claim public interest privilege
Examine waiver of privilege
Identify how to claim and challenge privilege in the courtroom
Registration includes electronic materials, which will be provided prior to the program. Registration also includes access to the live webcast recording for 30 days from the date the link is sent to you.

*Due to current concerns with COVID-19, we will be offering this program fully remotely via webcast only.