Online Communication Technology – An Expert’s Evaluation

As we move more and more communications online, questions have arisen as to the safety, security, and privacy of our online communications. New means of communication keep coming up, but should we feel comfortable using them for meetings or confidential client interviews?

Join APTLA and Jeff Dawley of Cybersecurity Compliance Corp for a deep dive into the online platforms we are all now using to communicate with clients and each other. Jeff will look at MS Teams, WebEx, Zoom, Adobe Connect, to name a few, and show you the features you need to know about to feel secure… or at least to understand the risks of communicating online.

This session is free to APTLA Members as a service during the pandemic and the various states of emergency in our provinces. There is a fee for Non-Members.

The program is being presented live, and will include a Q&A component with participants.