CBA Criminal Law Conference: The Nuts & Bolts of Advocacy

The Diminishing Role of Oral Advocacy and the Erosion of Adversarial Justice – Brian Greenspan

10 Top Cases from the Last 12 Months  and Why They Should Matter to You – Dave Mahoney (NSLA) v. Mark Scott (PPS)

None the Wiser, But Better Informed: Some Thoughts on the Art and Craft of Advocacy – Justice Anne Derrick

The New Driving Offences in the Code – Phil Starr, Q.C.

The New Changes to the Law- Fundamentals You Need to Know – Brian Greenspan, Joel Pink, Q.C., David Schermbrucker, Erica Koresawa and Justice Frank Hoskins

Dealing with Mentally Ill Clients, both NCR and Non-NCR – Malcolm Jeffcock, Q.C.

Spotlight Dance:
Tips for Advancing an Appeal – Nicole Rovers
How to Maximize the Benefits of Gladue Reports and Understand Unique Sentencing Consequences for Indigenous Peoples – Jade Pictou

Advocacy in the 21st Century: What has Changed and What Hasn’t – Justice Jamie Campbell