Balancing Employee Privacy and Employer Access to Personal Information: Who gets to know what and when?

What is the proper balance between safeguarding privacy and providing access to relevant information? In this Western-Canada- focused webinar, experts will examine employer access to personal information, discuss legislation and proposed amendments, and review recent caselaw. Specifically, panelists will address:

– What laws govern employee privacy and employer access to information? What legislative amendments have been proposed? Do these amendments adequately address protection of privacy while ensuring relevant parties can access essential information?
– How does distinguishing “employee personal information” in Alberta and British Columbia privacy statutes from “personal information” in other types of statutes affect workplace privacy rights?
– In the case of employee illness, what specific personal information can be requested by an employer, and how frequently?
– Are there any restrictions on an employer’s right to access, analyze, or use information that is not shared with employees, such as information obtained through surveillance measures (e.g., keystroke monitoring, time tracking software, and GPS tracking)?
– Can employers access, retain, or use employee information for purposes other than the limited purpose (e.g., ensuring workplace safety) for which that information was obtained?
– Are there restrictions on employees’’ right to access information about themselves in the employer’’s possession?
– In what circumstances have adjudicators held that employee information was accessed, used, or disclosed improperly?
– What key issues should employers and unions address in policies or collective agreements governing privacy and access to information?