An employer's management rights entitle it to make rules, set standards, supervise employees, issue performance appraisals, and conduct workplace investigations into possible misconduct, except insofar as the scope of these actions is limited by the collective agreement. At the same time, employees in unionized workplaces are protected by an overarching right not to be disciplined or discharged …

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Registration is open until noon of the Thursday before the Online Land Registration Act training program commences. Cost for this program is $650 plus HST. Registrants have the first two weeks to review the materials and the final week to complete the assessment.

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The CCDC webinar in June will be on CCDC 11 – 2019: Contractor’s Qualification Statement. CCDC 11 is an industry standard form that has long been used for pre-qualifying general contractors and trade contractors, as a part or sole document requested in the RFQ. CCDC members will discuss its use, examples of common supplementary information, and when a procurement authority may wish to create its …

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Master the art of civil trial advocacy at our popular intensive two-day workshop. This hands-on, in-person program will test and refine your skills in case analysis, examination-in-chief, cross-examination, and closing statements,  You will also receive tips on effective advocacy from a Judge of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

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