Traditionally The Cambridge Lectures are held every other year at Queens' College, University of Cambridge over five days. This year The Cambridge Lectures will be held virtually, in a shorter format, due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

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While many residential real estate closings go as planned, there are some problems that can delay or even thwart a closing. From simple miscommunications to last-minute financing troubles, lawyers need to be alert to the early signs of potential deal-busters and have the knowledge and skills to safely save or terminate a transaction that falls apart. Never has the fragility of a timely and …

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Employers, investigators, and decision-makers are often required to make determinations about the credibility and reliability of employee statements and testimony as part of their work. But how do decision-makers determine whether a witness is lying? And what weight do they attach to such a determination? What role does an investigator or decision-maker's assessment play in determining the …

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Register for this educational webinar discussing the easiest path to file retention and destruction. Following the presentation, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

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Labour relations professionals may be unfamiliar with torts — legal wrongs separate and apart from breaches of contract that lead to liability. However, with the recent recognition by Canadian courts of new privacy-related and other torts that affect the workplace, it is incumbent upon unions and employers to learn about the role of these new torts in protecting against workplace misconduct. In …

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