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These resources, compiled from the Management System for Ethical Legal Practice (MSELP) Self-Assessment Tool and the MSELP Workbook, will help as you reflect upon and improve your processes and the systems that impact the quality of your legal services delivery.  

Element 1: Maintaining appropriate file and records management systems

Your firm maintains accurate and up to date records using an appropriate file management system that safeguards clients’ documents and information.

Regulatory Guidance:

Other resources:

Element 2: Communicating in an effective, timely and civil manner 

Communications with your clients are clear and clients are in a position to make informed decisions about the services they need, how their matter will be handled and the options available to them.

Element 3: Ensuring confidentiality

Element 4: Avoiding conflicts of interest

You never act where there is a conflict, or a significant risk of conflict, between you and your client.

Element 5: Developing competent practices

Your staff delivers the legal services your entity is engaged to provide with appropriate skill, expertise and in an ethical manner.

Element 6: Ensuring effective management of the legal entity and staff

Staff are adequately supervised, supported and managed in their delivery of legal services to clients.

Element 7: Charging appropriate fees and disbursements

Clients are charged fees appropriately and are clear about the costs, or likely costs incurred during their legal transaction.

Element 8: Sustaining effective and respectful relationships with clients, colleagues, courts, regulators and the community

Your dealings with clients and other third parties will be conducted in a fair, open, effective and respectful way that respects diversity.

Element 9: Working to improve diversity, inclusion and substantive equality

Element 10: Working to improve the administration of justice and access to legal services

Your entity plays a role in improving access to legal services and the administration of justice.