Notice of Warrant to Search: Boudrot Rodgers Law Inc., Adam Rodgers Law Inc.

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society (the “Society”) gives notice that it was served with a Warrant to Search dated August 27, 2021, pursuant to Sec. 487 of the Criminal Code of Canada. 

This warrant, executed by the RCMP on September 3, 2021, required production of all materials in the Society’s possession related to its investigation of the former law practice of Jason Boudrot, Adam Rodgers, Boudrot Rodgers Law Inc and/or Adam Rodgers Law Inc.

The Society responded to this Warrant in accordance with applicable legal requirements and took all appropriate steps to preserve and protect any materials, documents and information which may be the subject of a claim of solicitor-client privilege. Those materials which are possibly subject to a claim of privilege were sealed and filed with the Nova Scotia Supreme Court in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

An application will be made by the Crown for access to the sealed materials on November 25, 2021, at 9:30 am at the Law Courts, located at 1815 Upper Water Street in Halifax, NS.

The Society is notifying former clients and others who may have been clients of Boudrot Rodgers Law Inc and/or Adam Rodgers Law Inc., about whom information from our investigation may be disclosed in response to this Warrant.  The Society will assert a claim of privilege over materials where a known former client does not come forward to do so. 

Any individuals who may be affected by this application are permitted to attend the hearing. If you have any questions about this matter or if you plan to attend the hearing, please contact Elaine Cumming, Professional Responsibility Counsel, for more information at 902-422-1491 or