PREP Foundation Module Subject Matter Reviewers (Contract Position, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia)

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) is a non–profit organization that delivers pre-Ball call legal education for aspiring lawyers in Canada. CPLED delivers the Bar admission program to aspiring lawyers in Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan. To be called to the Bar, students must complete their law society’s articling requirement and CPLED’s Bar admission program, the Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP).
CPLED is dedicated to helping students hone their practical skills and assessing how well they can apply their legal knowledge and skills in everyday situations—assisting new lawyers to be well-equipped to meet the demands of practice. CPLED maintains a high standard of programs and services for students to ensure a strong transition into the legal profession.
As part of CPLED’s ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, CPLED has launched a large-scale revision of PREP based on feedback from focus groups and other external stakeholders. This revision will see additions and revisions to the current PREP content. As part of the revision process, CPLED is seeking reviewers to conduct jurisdictional reviews of the new PREP content. Specifically, we are looking for subject matter experts to review the revised Foundation Modules.
The Foundation Modules are the knowledge-based learnings for PREP students. The Modules introduce students to content on: ethics, client relationship management, practice management, legal writing, legal drafting, research, interviewing, negotiation, oral advocacy, technology and the skills to become an effective lawyer.
As a Foundation Module Subject Matter Reviewer, you will review an individual Foundation Module in an area of your expertise to ensure the content is current, accurate, and adequately covers the skills covered in that Module.
We are seeking the following areas of expertise:
• Effective Lawyering: self-care; equity, diversity and inclusion; professional relationship management; reflective practice and self-awareness.
• Practice Management: understanding risk; Trust Accounting; Human Resource Management (supervision and delegation); and Law Firm Management.
• Professional Ethics: Code of Conduct and its application.
• Client Relationship Management: relationship building; boundary and expectation setting; accepting clients; conflict resolution; and reporting and dealing with difficult clients.
• Legal Writing: Legal Writing basics, including elements of specific types of legal communications (legal memorandum, legal arguments, legal opinions.
• Legal Drafting: Legal Drafting basics, including how to draft specific types of legal documents (simple contracts, Court Orders, and Affidavits).
• Legal Research: Legal Research strategies and progression; sources of legal information.
• Interviewing: Client-centred interviewing method
• Negotiation: Principled or integrative negotiation method
• Oral Advocacy
• Technology: future focuses on legal technology and its effects on the practice of law.
Materials will be available for review between February 6, 2023, and March 20, 2023.
Your Commitment:
• Review a Foundation Module via SharePoint to identify, record and correct content to be current, accurate and complete discussion of skills and clarity of the Module no later
• 5 + Years of experience in the area of law, compliance, and/ or ethics.
• Proficiency with Microsoft Word and SharePoint. Training and support are available.
• Excellent writing and verbal communication.
• Successful candidates must be in good standing with no current disciplinary actions with their law society.
• Legally eligible to work in Canada.
Each Foundation Module Reviewer Contractor is not an employee of CPLED. Contractors will receive an honorarium between $500 to $1,500, depending on the page length of the Module. Please see the table below for more details. The honorarium is inclusive of a brief introductory overview and any technical training required.
Page Length
Effective Lawyer Part I
Professional Ethics and Character
Oral Advocacy and Effective Lawyer II: Oral
Legal Writing and Effective Lawyer Part II: Written
Legal Drafting
Practice Management
We acknowledge that our community of students is very diverse, reflecting different identities of gender, race, faith, ethnicity, ability, sexual orientation and others, and we aim to reflect these differences with our contractors.
Preference will be given to those candidates who offer demographic diversity (including, without limitation, gender and age diversity) and those who collectively bring the strongest combination of knowledge and experience; understand the concepts of diversity and equity and how those come to play in the education and training of entry-level professionals.
Interested applicants should apply by February 1, 2023, by visiting the CPLED website. In the message section of your online application, indicate what areas of expertise you are interested in reviewing.
We thank all applicants for their interest and effort in applying for this position; however, only those being considered will be contacted.

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Job Deadline/Expiry Date: 02/01/2023