Other resources

The Society's transforming regulation efforts are also inspired and informed by several key external studies and reports: 


Initiatives at other Canadian law societies 
Canadian Bar Association –  cba.org

Canadian Forum on Civil Justice ​– cfcj-fcjc.org

Solicitors Regulation Authority ​​– sra.org.uk

Professional Standards Authority ​​– www.professionalstandards.org.uk

American Bar Association 

Promoting Public Protection through an “Attorney Integrity” System: Lessons from the Australian Experience with Proactive Regulation of Lawyers
The Professional Lawyer | Vol. 23 No. 1
By Susan Saab Fortney, Howard Lichtenstein Distinguished Professor of Legal Ethics and Director of the Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics at the Maurice Deane School of Law at Hofstra University.

ABA Model Regulatory Objectives for the Provision of Legal Services
February 2016

ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct | Vol. 31, No. 21 | 
October 21, 2015 (See focus on "Nova Scotia's Project" on page 3)

Studies and papers 

3 Texas A & M Law Review 549 (2016) | April 29, 2016
Osgoode Legal Studies Research Paper No. 48/2016 
Alice Woolley & Trevor C. W. Farrow

Towards the Law of Legal Services
Andrew M. Perlman, Suffolk University Law School Research Paper No. 15-5
Social Science Research Network | February 1, 2015

Protecting the Profession or the Public? Rethinking Unauthorized-Practice Enforcement
Deborah L. Rhode and Lucy Buford Ricca
​Fordham Law Review | Vol. 82 No. 6, May 2014