Workplace Health and Safety Regulations (WHSRs) Phase II: Input due by Feb. 27, 2015

The Department of Labour and Advanced Education continues its consultation process for Phase 2 of the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. Complete details are posted on the OHS page. Please note, the original December 19, 2014 deadline for comments/submissions has been extended to February 27, 2015.

As you may be aware, we are currently in phase two of a three-year consolidation and amendment of the regulations under the authority of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which will form the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations (the "WHSRs"). The WHSRs are meant to be more user-friendly, ensure consistency with national standards, and improve workplace health and safety. 

Throughout this process, we are committed to consulting with you, learning from you and working with you to ensure we have the most effective and achievable regulations for Nova Scotia's workers and workplaces. Regulations are meant to improve workplace safety for our province's workers. Phase two of the WHSRs focuses on:
  • Occupational Health;
  • First Aid; 
  • Sanitation and Accommodation;
  • Personal Protective Equipment; 
  • Excavation and Trenching; 
  • Blasting Safety; 
  • Confined Spaces;
  • Surface Mine Workings; 
  • Occupational Diving; and
  • Committees and Representatives. 
In order to provide optimal opportunity for your feedback, the consultation steps in phase two will include:
  • Discussion workshops (completed in November and early December 2014);
  • Targeted focus groups (December 2014)
  • "What We've heard" workshops (January and February 2015). 
Please advise us of your interest in participating in a workshop on "What We've Heard" by January 2, 2015. To do so, please email or phone Meagan Mahoney at 902 424 3322. Individuals and/or organizations that have expressed interest will be advised by email of the dates, times and locations of the workshops. 
Please see our website at for more information on the consultation and how to provide us with feedback. 
Thank you, 
Duff Montgomerie, Deputy Minister 
Department of Labour and Advanced Education