Website & Social Media

A website and social media presence are becoming increasingly necessary for law firms, as many potential clients select their services this way.

You may use a web developer you trust to assist you, but you are responsible for the content and should proofread carefully.

Your web developers will not be familiar with our Nova Scotia Code of Professional Conduct. For other businesses, it is acceptable to make claims that you cannot. Notably, titles like “expert,” “specialist” and their derivatives are not to be used in online content, as we do not certify people as “experts” or “specialists” in Nova Scotia. If you are coming from Ontario, this is a key difference between our respective Codes, and should be noted.

Pay attention to SEO (search engine optimisation) if you hope to attract new business and show up in searches. There are books about websites, there are even websites about websites, and there are experts who can help.

Especially if you obtain client information via your website, don’t forget to adopt a privacy policy, covered under Privacy & Confidentiality Policies.

Resources: Websites & Social Media

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