Strategic planning

Council manages the Society’s strategic planning process. Council has created an ambitious Strategic Framework to guide the Society’s activities from 2016 through 2019, supported by Annual Activity Plans developed for each year.

The Strategic Framework reflects the Society’s purpose, vision and values and focuses the strategic directions, priorities, and initiatives for a three-year period.

Excellence in Regulation and Governance: The priority for the 2016-2019 timeframe is to transform regulation and governance in the public interest.

Improving the Administration of Justice: The priorities for 2016-2019 are to enhance access to legal services and the justice system for all Nova Scotians, and to promote equity, diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

The Society advances its Strategic Framework through the work of a motivated and professional staff and members of Council and committees. An Annual Activity Plan establishes specific outcomes, initiatives and timelines to achieve the Society’s strategic priorities and initiatives. (Find the plan and ongoing updates in Council meeting documents.) The Society strives to work collaboratively and in partnership with justice system participants.

Several foundational activities contribute to achieving the Society’s strategic priorities:

  • evaluating outcomes across all areas of activity and consistently measuring performance;
  • leading national regulatory initiatives and adopting best practices;
  • promoting and maintaining effective relationships through sincere, substantive and sustained engagement and adopting restorative approaches; and
  • focusing on the future and making sound, informed financial decisions.