Steps to take before filing

The Society resolves or dismisses an average of 85 per cent of all complaints received. A complaint may be dismissed if it is determined that the Society does not have jurisdiction to investigate it, if the allegations made lack merit or are not supported by the evidence, or if a complaint is made for an improper purpose. Detailed reasons for a dismissal, or a dismissal with a letter of advice to the lawyer, are always provided. 

Before filing a complaint, please consider the following steps:

  1. If you have concerns about the outcome of your legal case, or require legal advice about a situation you are currently facing, you should discuss your concerns with a lawyer, or speak to a senior member of your lawyer’s firm. A law firm is interested in keeping its clients happy. The Society cannot reduce your bill or provide legal work or compensation, but the law firm may do so in appropriate cases.  
  2. You may also contact the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia for information and limited legal advice, toll free at 1 800 665 9779 or visit their website at
  3. If you feel you were charged too much, request an itemized account from your lawyer. If you are unable to resolve your concerns with your lawyer directly, you may apply to have the fees reviewed through the Small Claims Court. (See fee disputes and negligence)  
  4. If you have lost confidence in your lawyer you can retain another lawyer. You will probably be required to settle the first lawyer’s account before you can obtain your file and before a second lawyer will take your case.

Once you have considered these steps, if you still want to share your concerns with the Society, please feel free to call the intake line at 902 422 1491 and your call will be returned by an Intake Officer within 1 - 3 business days, depending on volume of calls. You can also follow these online instructions for filing a complaint.