Treaty Day & Mi’kmaq History Month

About Treaty Day

October 1st is Treaty Day which marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia as proclaimed in 1993 by then Premier John Savage and Kji-Saqmaw Ben Sylliboy of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council, or the Sante’ Mawio’mi. 

Treaty Day is celebrated by Nova Scotians annually in recognition of the Treaties signed between the British Empire and the Mi’kmaq people.

People continue to gather in Halifax to participate and enjoy various cultural events in celebration of Treaty Day. It is a reunion for many Mi’kmaq and a time for people to take part in reconciliation activities by learning about Nova Scotia’s fundamental history.

2020 Mi'kmaq History Month Poster Plant Knowledge and Use
The 2020 Mi’kmaq History Month Poster
Sqaliaqnn Tel-nenmumkl aqq Tel-we’wmumkl
Plant Knowledge and Use
Learn about the 2020 poster on the Mi’kmaq History Month website

Mi’kmaq History Month

October is Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia. This month is dedicated to help Nova Scotians increase their knowledge and awareness of Mi’kmaq history and heritage. 

Together we can help increase our understanding of the province’s rich Mi’kmaq culture and fundamental contribution to this Country.

We encourage our members to recognize Treaty Day and to continue their learning this Mi’kmaq History Month and on an ongoing basis by reviewing the following: