Serve on the Advisory Committee on Provincial Judicial Appointments

On January 14, 2022, the government announced changes to the Advisory Committee on Provincial Judicial Appointments for more details, please review the news release

As you may know, until now the Society has provided two names of our members to the Minister who we would like to put on this committee. Our process has been to put out a call for expressions of interest, have the Nominating Committee review these and put recommendations to Council for approval. 

The Government has now changed the process for forming this committee. The Society is being asked to put forward the names of six lawyers and the Minister will choose two of those lawyers.   

The Minister has asked that we do this by next Friday, January 21st. As a result, we do not have time to do a normal expression of interest process.

The Advisory Committee on Provincial Judicial Appointments (the “Committee”) evaluates candidates for appointment to the Provincial and Family Courts using the criteria set out in the Guidelines to Ensure Appointments Based on Merit (the “Guidelines”). The Guidelines provide the Minister of Justice with the authority to appoint two of the Society’s members to the Committee from a list of six members provided by the Society. 

The Minister will select the members and will consider:  

  • geographic representation 
  • gender balance 
  • minority representation 
  • representation of persons with a disability
  • interest in the administration of justice and public service

To be considered, please complete our online expression of interest form by January 18, 2022. Our online form includes an area to upload your brief resume (1 or 2 pages), an area to add your brief expression of interest and our skills and attributes matrix.   

The Society’s Executive will vet the applications before being approved by Council and submitting the recommendations to the Minister.  

Questions? Please contact Katie Lister, Governance Officer, at