Ruck Report Update

As you know, in May 2021 the Society updated its acknowledgement of systemic discrimination in Nova Scotia’s legal community, with a commitment to appoint Mr. Douglas Ruck, KC to provide “a comprehensive external, independent review of the Society’s regulatory policies and processes… expected to provide short-and long-term goals, solutions and changes required to eliminate or mitigate systemic discrimination in the Society and encourage an organizational culture free of bias.”

Mr. Ruck has been engaged over the last three years with this effort, having completed more than 200 interviews, and having facilitated input with small groups as recently as autumn 2023.

Mr. Ruck has shared that health matters have taken him away from his original report schedule. For that reason, the Society has been facilitating the provision of document services to Mr. Ruck including research, transcription, and other forms of manuscript support. He has been fully supportive of these services. “There was a delay due to health matters, but the report is on track, and I look forward to presenting recommendations before the summer,” said Mr. Ruck.

We greatly look forward to receiving, sharing, and implementing Mr. Ruck’s findings and recommendations.

Douglas Ruck KC, University of King’s College

Download the Ruck Report Update