Recognizing Emancipation Day on August 1: Resources for Members

August 1st is officially designated as Emancipation Day in Canada. Emancipation Day is the day the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 became law across the British Empire, including Canada. It is recognized as the day that the practice of slavery officially ended for millions of African people and their descendants in Canada.

We encourage our members and all Nova Scotians to use Emancipation Day as an opportunity to learn more about the history of African Nova Scotian people and communities, and to continue to address and put an end to anti-Black racism.

This day will allow us to reflect and acknowledge our shared history of the enslavement of people of African descent in Canada. Most importantly the inaugural Emancipation Day will provide us with an opportunity to maintain ongoing meaningful conversations around race relations and inclusive society.

We encourage you to recognize Emancipation Day and to continue your learning this day and on an ongoing basis by reviewing the following resources:

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