Provincial Court of Nova Scotia Notice to the Profession: January 2023 to June 2023 Intake Dates

Courtroom #6 Long Trial (Halifax) – Spring Garden Road

January 2023 to June 2023 Intake Dates

1)         The January to June 2023 Intake Dates for Provincial Court matters in CR#6 are:

January 3, 17, 31, 2023

February 14, 28, 2023

March 14, 28, 2023

April 11, 25, 2023

May 9, 23, 2023

June 13, 2023


2)         To qualify for dates in CR#6 a Provincial Court matter must require four days or more. All cases will be pre-trialed and time requirements will have to be justified.

3)         CR#6 will continue to provide relief to CR#5 by hearing Youth Court matters requiring four (4) days or more. These longer youth cases will be sent to CR#6 on CR#6’s regular intake dates for docketing. Generally speaking, CR#5 will not be scheduling youth cases in the CR#6 docket.

4)         The clerk for CR#6 (Hilary Rankeillor) can be reached at (902) 424-8772.