Provide Your Input on Draft Criminal Law Standards

The Society’s Criminal Law Standards Committee is seeking your feedback on the following two new proposed Criminal Law Standards:

  • Cultural Competence – This draft standard will help to identify accused persons for whom there are additional legal requirements, and to understand what those requirements are and how they work. Brandon Rolle and Christa Thompson were the principal drafters of this Standard.
  • Charter Applications – This draft standard provides guidance on how to identify and litigate a Charter issue. Patrick Young QC was the principal drafter of this Standard.

These Standards would apply to everyone practising criminal law if passed by the Society’s Council.

Your feedback on the draft standards is essential as we need firsthand insight from practising lawyers on how these standards would be applied.

How to Provide Feedback:

The Committee uses your direct feedback to improve the draft and eventually bring the revised draft to Council for approval. Once approved, the Standard becomes a requirement pursuant to the NSBS Regulations. Standards are valuable reference tools to help practitioners stay up-to-date and avoid pitfalls. Learn more about how a Standard is created.

If you have any questions about the Standards process or how to integrate them into your practice, connect with the Society’s Legal Services Support Lawyer, Rob McCleave at

Thank you for your time and valued insight into these draft Standards.