New Queen’s Counsel appointments

Congratulations to the following 14 lawyers who are being awarded the prestigious Queen’s Counsel (QC) designation:

  • Camille Cameron, Halifax
  • Victoria Rees, Halifax
  • Lydia S. Bugden, Halifax
  • Kenneth C. Greer, Kentville
  • Demetrius Kachafanas, Sydney
  • Lora MacEachern, Halifax
  • Brian K. Awad, Halifax
  • Susanne Margaret Litke, Halifax
  • Robert B. Carter, Halifax
  • Mark Gregory Gosine, Halifax
  • Tuma Thomas William Young, Sydney
  • Daniela Bassan, Halifax
  • Perry F. Borden, Halifax
  • Agnes Elizabeth MacNeil, Halifax

This year’s appointees include the Society’s Director of Professional Responsibility, Victoria Rees QC, and Second Vice-President Tuma Young QC.

“I know that the lawyers in our province give generously of their time to their profession and to their communities. To see them being recognized with a QC designation is a testament to their leadership and many contributions. A well-deserved congratulations to them all” said NSBS Executive Director Tilly Pillay.

The QC designation is awarded annually to members of the legal profession to recognize exceptional merit and outstanding contributions to the legal community.