New report on Responding to Emergency Situations in the Context of Family Violence

Release posted on behalf of the Access to Justice & Law Reform Institute. Release dated June 7, 2024.

The Access to Justice & Law Reform Institute (formerly Law Reform Commission of Nova Scotia) is happy to report the release of their Survey Report on Responding to Emergency Situations in Family Court. In the Report, we present the results of a survey distributed to the family law bar in Nova Scotia on their experience bringing family violence claims in family court and beyond. The Report can be accessed on our Project website at and directly here.

Respondents reflect bringing urgent and emergency matters to court, applying for EPOs and peace bonds, referring clients to community resources and supporting survivors of family violence including those that are self-representing. Importantly, respondents had ideas about how to improve the family court experience for survivors and these are highlighted in our “Key Takeaways” section of the report.

In the course of this project, we also developed a website of resources for lawyers, researchers and survivors available at including a bi-monthly JustInfo newsletter of new family violence cases from Nova Scotia and beyond (sign up here). Our project website also includes an index of Nova Scotia Family Violence Case Index (of over 150 recent cases), a webinar and corresponding manual on family violence cases in family court (included along with the report under the “Our Work” tab of the website).

The Report and project is funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada and the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women.