Depression & Trauma Care Added to NSLAP

As part of our continued support of the profession, we recently renewed our service agreement with Homewood Health, the service provider to the Nova Scotia Lawyers’ Assistance Program (NSLAP).

With this renewal, we have enhanced the program by adding two new services – Depression Care and Trauma Care. These two programs will supplement the current assistance programs provided by Homewood.

Depression Care provides mid- to longer-term, work focused treatment for individuals with moderate to severe anxiety and/or depressive symptoms. Sessions focus on reducing the symptoms of depression and anxiety while building resiliency to assist with staying at work and getting back to life. The program provides up to 20 sessions of individual treatment.

Trauma Care provides specialized treatment for individuals struggling with acute, or long-term, trauma symptoms. The program offers treatment and resiliency training for PTSD, mood, and anxiety disorders.

Learn more about the NSLAP or call the NSLAP at 1-866-299-1299.