2024-25 NSBS Fees and LIANS Levy

NSBS Council and the Board of LIANS have approved the NSBS Fees and the LIANS Levy for the 2024-25 fee year (12 months from July 1, 2024 to June 30, 2025).  Fees and Levy are due by June 30th and invoices will be created and sent between May 8 and May 10.

 NSBS Fees for practising lawyers for 2024-25 will be $2,537
LIANS Levy for practising lawyers with full insurance will be $1,950

For full details, see the Fees Page of the NSBS Website.

 Fee and Levy setting process

NSBS Fees are set as part of the annual budget process and approved by Council. The Society looks at a three-year timeframe for the budget and plans ahead with the aim of avoiding large swings in fees in any particular year. The Society’s expenses, such as technology costs, are increasing with inflation, and the Society manages complex professional responsibility matters, with related costs. The Society has worked diligently to manage costs which has resulted in the small increase over the last five years.

 Included within the fee per lawyer is $91 allocated towards the maintenance of the Lawyers’ fund for client compensation, $40 to support the CANLII system and $27 for the Federation of Law Societies of Canada.

 The insurance levy is set by LIANS’ Board of Directors whose determination is based on actuarial analysis of the program, which analysis includes claim and financial history and projections.

Fee History

NSBS Fees were consistent at $2,480 for four years from 2019, before a small decrease to $2,436 last year. The increase to $2,537 is a 2% increase from the $2,480. Inflation over the same time period has been around 18%.