RISK AND PRACTICE MANAGEMENT TIP: Data security while travelling

During a recent LIANS committee meeting, the issue of data security while travelling abroad was raised. With increased border security, it is becoming much more commonplace for agents to request your passwords, thereby gaining access to client information stored on your mobile device. To combat this potential breach, some firms are now providing lawyers who travel abroad with “burner phones”. These mobile phones contain no client or business information and have a freshly installed operating system and applications, their own hotspot and VPN (virtual private network, which allows you to access your files remotely). Once the lawyer returns, the device is returned to the firm wherein it is wiped clean of any sensitive information to be used by the next traveller.

Using burner phones not only prevents breaches at the border, but also keeps your client information secure should your device become lost or stolen.

If you have any questions on these or any other risk- or practice-related matters, do not hesitate to contact Stacey Gerrard, LIANS Counsel with the Risk and Practice Management Program, at sgerrard@lians.ca or call 902 423 1300 ext. 345.