Racial Equity Committee

Council Committee


  • The Racial Equity Committee supports Council in the governance of the Society by monitoring and providing advice about programs that address issues of racism and discrimination in the legal profession and in relation to access to justice, including programs to increase access to the legal profession.


  • Develop policy options for the promotion of equity and diversity in the legal profession in Nova Scotia for adoption by Council;
  • Identify barriers to and facilitate active involvement of racialized and Aboriginal lawyers in the volunteer functions of the Society, on Council and on other Committees;
  • On behalf of Council, maintain awareness and information regarding issues of race as they relate to the legal profession, access to justice or the administration of justice;
  • Raise, for Council and members of the Society, awareness of the issues of racial inequity in the legal profession;
  • Identify barriers and provide advice to Council about:
  • How to facilitate entry into the Nova Scotia legal profession of racialized and Aboriginal Peoples;
  • Racial equity related experiences encountered by racialized and Aboriginal Peoples as members of the Nova Scotia legal profession;
  • Programs and initiatives for the Nova Scotia legal profession on racial equity and cultural competency.
  • Under the direction of the Equity Officer, assist in carrying out the Committee’s approved programs and initiatives.