Notice of Hearing: R. Blois Colpitts

The hearing respecting charges against R. Blois Colpitts, a member of the Society, will commence on Thursday, June 25, 2020 starting at 2:00 pm, and will take place via Zoom videoconference.

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society charges R. Blois Colpitts of Halifax, Nova Scotia with professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming in that he breached provisions of the Legal Ethics and Professional Conduct: A Handbook for Lawyers in Nova Scotia, 2nd ed. (Halifax: Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, 1998), (the “Handbook”) and the Legal Profession Act (the “Act”) and the Regulations made thereunder.

 Specifically, it is alleged that:

  1. R. Blois Colpitts failed to discharge with integrity duties he owed to other lawyers, his clients, the court, the profession, and the general public, and conducted himself in a way that reflected adversely on the integrity of the profession, the legal system and the administration of justice, contrary to Chapter 1 of the Handbook; and
  • R. Blois Colpitts breached his duty to avoid engaging in questionable conduct, contrary to Chapter 23 of the Handbook, in that as a result of his conduct and subsequent criminal convictions, he failed at all times to observe a standard of conduct that reflected credit on the profession and the system and the administration of justice generally, and which inspired the confidence, respect and trust of clients, those with home he worked and the community, and acted in a manner which demonstrated a significant departure from what is expected of an honest lawyer.

TAKE NOTICE that at the Hearing of this complaint, the Hearing Panel may be asked to make a finding of professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming against you, R. Blois Colpitts, on the basis of any evidence brought before the Hearing Panel.

The Hearing is open to the public in accordance with Section 44(1) of the Legal Profession Act.  Note that at any Hearing, preliminary motions, regarding publicity ban or otherwise, may be heard and/or a settlement agreement may be proposed.

Members of the public or the media wishing to attend the Hearing should contact Colleen Crowther of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society at on or before Thursday, June 18, 2020.