Professional Standards (Criminal Law) Committee

Council Committee


  • The Professional Standards (Criminal Law) Committee supports Council in the governance of the Society by developing professional standards for the area of criminal practice.


  • Make recommendations to Council with respect to identification of:
  • existing applicable professional standards in criminal law practice and emerging criminal  law issues that may require the development of professional standards;
  • changes in the professional standards of criminal  law practice and emerging criminal practice issues that require amendments to existing NSBS Professional Standards – Criminal Law.
  • Annually review the NSBS Professional Standards – Criminal Law, amend as necessary and advise Council with respect to potential amendments to the Standards, including providing notice of the amendments for Council approval;
  • Annually review the footnotes and references to the NSBS Professional Standards – Criminal Law and provide notice to Council with respect to amendments thereto;
  • Identify and provide resources and tools to assist members to practise in accordance with the Standards; and
  • Act as a resource on issues of professional standards for criminal law as may be required by Council.