Preparing for the Bar Exam

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Bar Review Outlines, which are synopses of the main areas of law on which the articled clerks are tested, are distributed to all admission applicants. These outlines have been prepared by law practitioners and professors.

Question goals

A properly drafted question will require applicants to demonstrate:

  • ability to analyze a set of facts, to select material from immaterial facts and to see the points upon which the case turns;
  • ability to articulate and classify the problem presented and place it in its proper category of doctrine;
  • knowledge of the relevant general doctrines of law, their relationship and their qualifications and limitations; and
  • ability to apply the law to the facts and problem presented and to reason logically to a sound conclusion from the premises adopted.

A minimal passing answer

A minimally competent answer demonstrates an adequate understanding of the facts, an adequate recognition of most of the issues and applicable law, and an adequate ability to reason to a conclusion.

All articled clerks must successfully complete all components of the Bar Admission Course before they can be admitted. They should apply to the course only once they have secured an articling position.

Transfer and Change of Category applicants must apply for a ruling to determine what components of the Bar Admission Course they must complete (if any).