On the Precipice: The Future of Legal Regulation

Find out more about the Society’s ongoing work to transform the regulation of lawyers in Nova Scotia, in a recent presentation by Executive Director Darrel Pink. He provided the following remarks to the Law Society of Alberta Benchers’ Retreat, held earlier this month in Jasper, Alberta:

On the Precipice – the Future of Legal Regulation” (June 5, 2014)

The presentation covered three main questions for law societies in Canada:

  • Why is our present model of regulation outdated?
  • How should a modern regulator approach its work?
  • Where does the leadership innovation (or the courage) to lead and make significant change come from?

“As legal regulators, we are standing on the edge of a cliff,” said Mr. Pink in his remarks. “Our choices are to turn around and walk away from the edge .... Or we can jump from the cliff and plan for a safe landing. There is much more risk in this option but as will be clear to you, my perspective is that we have no choice.”

The speech also recaps the work happening in Nova Scotia, starting with Council’s Strategic Framework that is the driver behind the priority to transform regulation and governance in the public interest.

“Our goal is to examine all aspects of our regulation, to revise it and to modernize it,” said Mr. Pink, outlining the Society’s ongoing research and collaborations with experts, legal academics, consultants and other regulators. “We have said that everything is open for consideration and we have set ourselves up to build a proactive, principled and proportionate risk-based regulatory model. We now refer to this as ‘Triple P Regulation’.

To read the rest of the presentation, as well as the Society’s new Draft Regulatory Objectives and other important resources, visit the Transforming Regulation webpage: http://nsbs.org/transform-regulation