Practice & Case Management Software

The marketplace is full of practice management, case management, and accounting software. It is difficult for NSBS to advise you about the merits, and the Society does not approve software.

The Law Society of Alberta, at least for trust accounting, does approve software that meshes with their reporting system. They are also testing some client ID authentication services options in their “innovation sandbox.” Here are two resources they offer:

Law Society of Alberta, “Software Comparison Chart”, (n.d.). Law Society of Alberta, “Practice Management”, (n.d.).

What is missing from these pages might be smaller, or cheaper software that does not meet the Society’s standards. This does not necessarily mean other software won’t serve you well. Talk to friends in other firms who have already selected software to get information.

For those with simple needs, especially if you have no trust account, it is possible to use common accounting programs. You can quickly outgrow something off-the-shelf.

If you’re going to pay for any software product and expect a lot from it, plan to make a serious investment in training to get the most out of it. Most software now comes with online training. Train everyone who uses it. Consider regular refreshers – these can save you money and aggravation.

Make sure you will get adequate support. Also make sure that you will own the data and can always retrieve it, even if your subscription ends.

Finally, look at the Society’s companion resources on data management and cloud computing. These can be found on the Society’s website, below.

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society, “Secure Data Management: Cloud Computing” (2024).