Race and the Law Paper Prize Winners Announced

The NSBS Equity & Access office is delighted to announce the 2024 winner and runner up of the Race the Law Paper prize.

Lorenze Cromwell is this year’s winner.

Lorenze Cromwell is an 8th generation African Nova Scotian, with family ties to Weymouth Falls, Digby, the Preston Township, and Whitney Pier. His background in Criminology, and passion for community advocacy led Lorenze to pursue his JD at Dalhousie University’s Schulich School of Law.

Lorenze is the incoming President of the Dalhousie Black Law Students’ Association and is engaged with other community organizations such as the African Nova Scotian Brotherhood. As an incoming Third-year, Lorenze hopes to use his law degree to combat anti-Black racism in all its forms, and to advocate for necessary change to our systems of law.

Read Lorenze’s paper at this link Under The Eyes of The Oppressors: The Use of Space as a Legal Tool of Oppression against African Nova Scotians

Marcellus Cogswell-Wright is this year’s runner-up.

Marcellus Cogswell-Wright grew up in Halifax where he developed a strong interest in law and justice from his parents. He is a third-year law student at the Schulich School of Law and his areas of study have a focus on corporate law, with an interest in criminal law and property law.

Marcellus has worked for two summers as a project manager with Oakhill Outdoor, where he leads team members to finish projects successfully. He has been a Junior leader at the Community YMCA on Gottingen, where he was a role model for youth who attended the summer camp. He volunteered at his church and with his grandmother at Meals on Wheels.

In the future, Marcellus hopes to build on his knowledge in corporate law, to use this knowledge to help underrepresented voices, specifically in property law. He would like to lead projects like the various community land trust projects in Nova Scotia. Marcellus hopes to make a lasting positive impact both within the community and as an individual contributing to a team within a firm.

Read Marcellus’s paper at this link: Dispossession, Discrimination, and Disparity: Unearthing the Racial Disparities in Nova Scotia’s Real Estate Law

About the Race and the Law Paper Prize

The Race and the Law paper prize was started as an initiative of the NSBS Race Equity Committee and is still a well-supported initiative.

The Race and the Law paper prize is a paper submission competition that challenges law students to submit papers that demonstrate ‘race’ literacy insight. Submissions demonstrate confidence, ease and skill in addressing race. The essay must also consider race in a broad legal context, and explicitly communicate novel insights that contribute to the emerging scholarship on race and the law.

The Race and the Law Paper Prize is sponsored by Stewart McKelvey.