NSLAP WELLNESS: Student mental health

"With the growing awareness of how social media can impact the spreading of discrimination and harassment, and the complexities of what today’s youth face, we are seeing increased attention and focus on student mental health.  As added attention is given to student mental health, more research is being done to understand and help youth to become more resilient given the social complexities and technological advances of a constantly evolving world. The more we understand that not all families or individuals are alike, the more strategies we are able to create to overcome many of these issues."

The latest issue of Vitality Newsletter is “Student mental health”, which looks at ways to support student mental health and resiliency.

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Visit the NSLAP website at www.nslap.ca. For more information and support with student mental health, along with resources and counselling to improve your health and wellness, register with Homewood Health™ https://www.homeweb.ca. Please note that NSLAP is your “company” name when you register.

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