Legal Services Support: Support at All Stages of Your Practice

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As the regulator of Nova Scotia’s legal profession, the Society is committed to helping members navigate all stages of their professional careers. Whether you’re opening your practice, looking for practice guidance, succession planning, or seeking to understand your professional and ethical obligations, Legal Services Support (LSS) is here to assist you.

How can LSS help you in your practice?

Legal Services support is here to

LSS achieves these goals by answering your questions, providing resources and supporting you through practice transitions and LSS initiatives.   

Key LSS initiatives

New Law Firm Registration

LSS supports law firms at all stages of practice, beginning with new firm registration. The LSS team can help lawyers determine what kind of firm they want to open, fulfil regulatory requirements, and establish a practice management infrastructure.

There are many resources available to support lawyers in opening a new practice, including:

Management Systems for Ethical Legal Practice (MSELP)

LSS administers the Management Systems for Ethical Legal Practice (MSELP) program, completed by law firms (including sole practices) every three years. This support-driven program helps lawyers enhance their practice management systems and legal services delivery.

LSS has created many resources to guide firms through the MSELP process. Resources include:

How do I connect with LSS?

Contact Legal Services Support at [email protected] for assistance or leave a comment by completing the comment box below this post with any questions you may have!

Stay tuned in the coming months as we feature blogs in InForum focused on a variety of practice-related topics including succession planning, meeting your CPD requirements and more. Our upcoming blog is focused on the Society’s new Cloud Computing Checklist.