Receiver appointed re. Maria Mikhailitchenko suspension

On April 26, 2024, the Complaints Investigation Committee (CIC) resolved to suspend the practicing certificate of Maria Mikhailitchenko. A RECEIVER has been appointed.

The Complaints Investigation Committee of the NOVA SCOTIA BARRISTERS’ SOCIETY gives notice that the practising certificate of Maria Mikhailitchenko of Halifax, Nova Scotia has been suspended pursuant to Section 37(1) and (2) of the Legal Profession Act, effective April 26, 2024 until further notice.

RECEIVER: The Complaints Investigation Committee appointed a RECEIVER for the practice of Maria Mikhailitchenko, pursuant to s. 51 of the Legal Profession Act, as follows.

Clients of Maria Mikhailitchenko or persons affected by this suspension may direct inquiries to the Receiver appointed to this practice:

Angela Walker KC


5755 Young Street, Halifax, NS B3K 1Z9

1-902-422-5882 (fax)

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