The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society's Hearing Committee will hold a hearing, at a date and time to be determined, respecting charges against Stephanie Adele England (‘Adele England’), a suspended member of the Society since April 2016.

The Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society charges Adele England, formerly of Chester, Nova Scotia, with professional misconduct, conduct unbecoming and incapacity for allegedly violating provisions of the Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society Code of Professional Conduct (2012, as amended) (the ‘Code’), the Legal Profession Act, and the Regulations.

Specifically, it is alleged that:

  1. Contrary to Rule 2.1-1 of the Code, Adele England failed to discharge with integrity duties she owed to clients, the court, the public and members of the profession, and conducted herself in a way that reflected adversely on the integrity of the profession and the administration of justice;
  2. Contrary to Rule 3.1-1 of the Code, Adele England failed to practice law with reasonable skill and judgment that was not substantially impaired by a condition;
  3. Contrary to Rules 3.1-1 and 3.2-1 of the Code, Adele England failed to perform all legal services undertaken on behalf of a client to the standard of a competent lawyer, and failed to provide the client with a quality of service that was competent, timely, conscientious and diligent;
  4. Contrary to Rules 3.5-2 and 3.6-1 of the Code, Adele England failed in her duties to protect a client’s trust property; and
  5. Contrary to Rule 7.1-1 of the Code, Adele England failed to reply promptly and completely to communications from the Society.

A further public Notice of Hearing will be published once the dates and times for the hearing are confirmed.

The hearing will be open to the public in accordance with Section 44(1) of the Act. Note that at any hearing, preliminary motions may be heard and/or a settlement agreement may be proposed.