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2019-2020 Annual Fees Due by June 30, 2019

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At its April meeting, Council approved the Society’s 2019-2020 budget and set the necessary fees for the membership year beginning July 1, 2019.

Lawyers and firms will receive invoices and notices of Preauthorized Payment amounts mid May.

To review full details of the 2019-20 fees, see the 2019-20 SCHEDULE A: Society Fees and Assessments here. 

The Practising Fees required to balance the Society’s operating budget are $2,480 (18-19 $2,477). There is no fee credit in 2019-20 (18-19 $77). The 2018-19 fee credit was paid from the Lawyers’ Fund for Client Compensation (“LFCC”) reserves. Significant claims against the LFCC reserve are expected to be paid out in 2019-20, meaning the Society is not in a position to repeat the fee credit.

The net Practicing Fee for 2019-20 is $2,480 plus HST (18-19 $2,400).

Non-Practising Fees for 2019-20:

  • Non-practising members: $300 + HST (no change from 18-19)
  • Retired members: $50 + HST (no change from 18-19)

Budget Highlights

The budget for 2019-20 reflects the Society’s continued focus on meeting its Regulatory Objectives and a “Triple-P” (proactive, principled and proportionate) approach to legal services support and regulation.

The budget includes resources focused on enhancing knowledge and building expertise within the Society. The Society will be working on a number of initiatives for 2019/20, focused on investing in technology, people and resources, and those priorities identified by the new strategic plan.

This one-page summary provides a snapshot of fee history over the past few years.

New Fees effective July 1, 2019:


For the Lawyers’ Insurance Association of Nova Scotia (LIANS), the full cost of insurance would be $2,204 (18-19 $2,256) but a credit of $209 (18-19 $261) reduces the net amount to $1,995 (18-19 $1,995) for lawyers in private practice.

This translates to $998 (18-19 $998) for lawyers practising with the Nova Scotia Legal Aid Commission and Dalhousie Legal Aid Service, and $350 (18-19 $350) for lawyers employed in the civil service of the Province of Nova Scotia[1].

Payment Options

Credit card payments

Practising lawyers may pay the full Practising Fee amount by June 30 by credit card, provided they pay an administrative fee of $80 plus HST ($60 to NSBS; $20 to LIANS).

Pay by credit card through your Member Login here or by contacting the Society’s reception at 902-422-1491.

Monthly payment plan option

If you choose to pay your fees through the Preauthorized Payment (PAP) Plan, the first draw on June 20, 2019 will be for two months and an administrative charge (total $544.33). Each additional monthly payment of ($237.67) will be drawn on the 20th of each month with last payment on April 20, 2020. (No payment during May 2020.) For those paying the full LIANS insurance levy the first draw would include an additional $405.38 for a total of $949.71, and an additional $191.19 for a total of $428.86 in subsequent draws.

To be considered for PAP, all new requests must be received by the office prior to Tuesday, June 18 for processing. Lawyers already set up on PAP do not need to reapply.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Shewan, Director, Finance & Administration, at 902 422 1491 or

[1] For lawyers employed in the civil service of the Province of Nova Scotia and not including members employed by provincial government agencies, commissions or corporations, or employed as counsel for municipalities within the province.