Sharing Perspectives with the Profession as a Member At-Large

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Cape Breton Lawyer Tuma Young was recently acclaimed as the Society’s Second Vice-President for the 2019-2020 Council year. He currently contributes his time, experience and voice as a member At-Large on Council.

Since we’re accepting 2019 At-Large Election nominations, we asked Tuma about his experience as a member At-Large on Council to give members some more insight into the role.

Tuma Young

Sharing my Perspectives with the Profession as a Member At-Large

by Tuma Young

Before serving as a member At-Large, I never gave the Society’s Council a second thought except for when it came time to pay my fees. I would grumble about the fees but it never occurred to me to find out exactly what our Council was doing. 

I now see firsthand the work that Council does and the healthy and robust discussions Council has on many issues. These discussions inform the Society’s strategic direction and initiatives.

As a member At-Large on Council, I bring my diverse views, skills and perspectives to the table.  I think it’s very important for all members At-Large to think of the larger picture and of Council’s entire role.

My background and experiences always shape my worldview and perspectives on various issues so this is no different in my role as a member At-Large on Council. I believe this is the same for everyone. Everyone comes to Council with a particular worldview and perspectives on various issues. This is healthy and very much welcomed by our Council. It’s only by examining a particular issue from a wide variety of perspectives that Council can fully understand the issue.

There are a few topics that I see coming up on the horizon that may be relevant for future members At-Large on Council.

First, we need to get a good handle on technology’s impact on our profession.  We need to look at the role technology roles plays in regulating the profession, how social media impacts the profession and providing legal services in a digital world.

We also need to look at how to best support rural and senior lawyers in rural areas.  Our province has the highest senior population and the profession needs to be able to support lawyers who want to retire but cannot find anyone to take over the practice. 

My experience on Council has always been positive, collegial and respectful. I highly recommend that folks throw their hats in the ring and give back to the profession!

This article has been edited for clarity and brevity.

We’re currently accepting nominations for the 2019 At-Large Election. All members, both practising and non-practising, are eligible to be nominated as the Society seeks to elect three At-Large members to Council. Nominations for the Society’s At-Large Election will close Monday, April 1, 2019 at 5:00 PM.

Learn how to submit an At-Large Election nomination here