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Update on the Society's name change consultation

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As part of our continued transformation into a modern regulator, we need your feedback, as our province’s legal profession, to help inform and shape our growth. Your input, on our name change, strategic priorities and more, will help to drive our direction into the future.

We recently reached out for feedback and asked you ‘should the Society consider a name change?

To align us with our modern approach to regulation, Council brought the name change idea to the table at their November 2018 meeting where they considered renaming the Society to The Law Society of Nova Scotia.

Why did Council consider a name change? They highlighted:

  • the outdated use of the word barrister,
  • its inconsistency with the Society’s modern approach to regulation, and
  • to make it consistent with law societies across Canada.

To collect your feedback, President Frank DeMont QC connected with you via email in December 2018 asking whether the Society should move forward with a name change. He received 145 responses accounting for about 7% of the total membership.

Your responses indicated that:

  • 88 (or 61%) of you who responded are in favour of a name change
  • 51 (or 35%) of you who responded are opposed to a name change
  • 6 of you who responded are “on the fence”

Those of you who are in favour of a name change agreed that it’s time to modernize the Society’s name and that solicitors make up a large portion of the province’s lawyers. Those of you who are opposed highlighted the importance of tradition and noted that there are other things for us to think about.

President DeMont presented the feedback at the January 2019 Council meeting and asked for Council’s direction. Following an engaging discussion, Council agreed to hold off on the name change decision since there is no clear mandate from the membership. So, the topic is deferred for now.

Thank you to our members who responded to our call for name change feedback. Your time and comments are appreciated!