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Committee appointments process: October 11 information session

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The Society is committed to ensuring a transparent process in the selection of Committee appointments for the 2019-2021 term. At its September 21, 2018 meeting, Council approved the appointment of a subcommittee of the Governance & Nominating Committee to undertake the Committee appointments process. The subcommittee will include individuals from the Equity Committees, a member of the Governance & Nominating Committee, an Officer (past or current) of the Society and some members who are not currently involved with the Society’s work, so the subcommittee has as broad a perspective as possible.

To assist those interested in seeking appointment to a Committee, we are holding an information session on October 11 from 12 noon to 1:00 pm at the Society’s offices. Our goal for this is to provide information about the role of committees and the expectations and demands of serving on one. A review of the Call for Committee Expressions of Interest: 2019-2021 would be advantageous to anyone considering joining a committee.

Attendance may be in person or via teleconference by calling 1-866-862-7608 and entering the Conference ID “623 3560” followed by “#” when prompted.

For further information any member may feel free to contact the Society’s Officers, Governance & Nominating Chair or Executive Director by email or phone:

Frank DeMont QC, President            902 755-9200,

Carrie Ricker, First Vice-President     902 414-2403,

Julia Cornish QC, GNC Chair            902 466-2500,

Tilly Pillay QC, Executive Director     902 422-1491,

For any questions relating to the logistics of the Committee appointments process, please contact Julia Schabas, Governance Officer (