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2017 Statistical Snapshot now online

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Results from the 2017 Annual Lawyer Reports have been tabulated, and the new Statistical Snapshot of the Nova Scotia legal profession is now online. For easy reference anytime, it’s located under About us on the homepage at

The numbers are mainly based on the 1,951 Annual Lawyer Reports filed for June 30, 2017 – this number is a two per cent increase from 2016, when 1,916 reports were filed. The new statistics show that the membership includes 1,994 practising lawyers and 867 non-practising lawyers (including retired members).

Key among the findings is the continuing aging of the membership. In 2006, 24.5% of the total practising membership had been called to the Bar more than 27 years prior. In 2017, that group now comprises almost 30 per cent of the practising membership (29.8%) – and 52 per cent of sole practitioners (142 of 273). A Succession Planning Working Group is assisting the Society in examining this issue. As a positive and potential offset to the aging of the profession, the number of new calls and transfers in from other jurisdictions exceeded the number of resignations and retirements this year. 

The most common practice areas for Nova Scotia lawyers continue to be Corporate/Commercial (11.9%), Civil Litigation (14.5%), Family (10.6%), Criminal (13.2%) and Real Estate (9.9%).

See the Statistical Snapshot page for more data relating to current geographic distribution of the membership, gender and diversity, areas of practice and more. More details are also available in the Annual Lawyer Report – 2017 Analysis memo in the documents for the Council meeting on September 15, 2017.