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New guidelines to support trans* and gender-variant clients and colleagues

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Guidelines for Lawyers: Supporting Trans* & Gender-variant Clients, Colleagues & EmployeesThe Society has introduced the following new resource on its online Equity Portal, Guidelines for Lawyers: Supporting Trans* & Gender-variant Clients, Colleagues & Employees.

Prepared by the Equity & Access Office, these guidelines aim to provide lawyers with a baseline understanding of how to support trans* and gender-variant clients, colleagues and employees in the workplace. The guidelines define basic terms, explain the principles of trans* and gender-variant inclusion, and provide further resources for respecting gender identity and promoting a culture of inclusion.

The Society launched the guidelines on Thursday, July 20 during its Pride Week workshop led by community educators with The Youth Project. In attendance were members of the legal profession, Society staff and a number of Council and committee members.

Find the new guidelines on the NSBS Equity Portal, on the Sexual orientation and gender identity resource page in the Employment Equity section.

It's also worth noting a new resource produced recently by the Equity Committee of the Canadian Bar Association-Nova Scotia Branch, Trans Terminology and Etiquette: A Primer for Respectful Interactions with Trans People. Written by Jack Townsend and Kilian Schlemmer, this primer is a good general language and etiquette piece that complements the Society's new guidelines, which are geared more toward workplace practice.