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Legal Services Regulation Update: November edition

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The ​Legal Services Regulation Update is an electronic newsletter with information and progress reports on the Society’s transforming regulation initiative. Featured contents include innovation profiles, news and web resources, Council and operational updates and more.

The seventh edition of this publication is now available online:

Highlights in the November issue:

  • Pilot project update: Management Systems for Ethical Legal Practice self-assessment tool;
  • Legislative changes required for legal services regulation in Nova Scotia;
  • Lawyer participation in the new regulatory world, a column by President R. Daren Baxter QC, TEP;
  • Integrating ‘Triple P’ into staff communications;
  • #TalkJustice 2.0: A new approach to A2J research;
  • Innovating Regulation consultation report released (a collaboration of the Prairie Law Societies);
  • Glossary: Legal Profession Act (LPA); and
  • Innovation profiles: and National Database of Professionals Assisting SRLs.

Also visit the Legal Services Regulation area of the website, which is updated frequently as the Society's future regulatory framework continues to evolve. It's the top item in the dropdown menu under the Regulation tab.

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