Getting Technical: Introducing the Society’s Cloud Computing Checklist

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Does the concept of “cloud computing” elicit fear and confusion? If so, you’re not alone!

Using information technology (IT) can be one of the most difficult parts of legal practice management, especially when you are the IT department. Identifying the right cloud-based services for your practice can be especially tough – many lawyers simply don’t speak the same language as software providers.

To address this, the Law Office Management Standards Committee started a Technology Subgroup to look at the existing Cloud Computing Standard and its supporting resources. This group set out to develop a tool to help smaller practices manage the risks of the cloud and engage in a meaningful dialogue with providers. Introducing, the new Cloud Computing Checklist.

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Legal Services Support: Support at All Stages of Your Practice

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As the regulator of Nova Scotia’s legal profession, the Society is committed to helping members navigate all stages of their professional careers. Whether you’re opening your practice, looking for practice guidance, succession planning, or seeking to understand your professional and ethical obligations, Legal Services Support (LSS) is here to assist you.

How can LSS help you in your practice?

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