Recent Property Online Service Interruption: Message to Members

The Society followed the recent service interruption at Property Online. Our acting Executive Director, Jacqueline Mullenger, and the Director of LIANS, Lawrence Rubin, met with the Registrar General. We continue to engage with other members of the Bar on implications.

We know it was a serious challenge conducting busy practices while protecting clients’ interests during this uncertainty. You often had to explain that some delay is necessary, even though there might be cost or other implications for the client.

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CPLED Stakeholder Engagement

The Canadian Centre for Professional Legal Education (CPLED) is committed to continuously enhancing and evolving the Practice Readiness Education Program (PREP) to be recognized as a “best-in-class” Bar admission program. To achieve this, CPLED is engaging with key stakeholders to gather information on potential skill gaps experienced by lawyers who have been called to the Bar in the last five years. CPLED has contracted ACT to facilitate and analyze the feedback received to provide a report that CPLED will use to update PREP for implementation in their Summer 2024 program.

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